All About Go Karts

High-quality metals are required to build reliable, safe, and durable go-karts. Moreover, go kart components such as pipe valves and fittings as well as steel tubing for the chassis are made so they can avoid being damaged should any accident occur.

Extra information about pipe valves and fittings

What are go karts?

Essentially, a go kart is a small vehicle without a suspension.

They are usually high-powered, for racing competitions, or motor-less, also called soap-box carts. These are slightly more than a box with wheels without an engine, hence their name. They were initially designed for kids but can also be used in race situations.

Where can I use go karts?

There are tracks intended for children and amateurs, usually under 1 km of length (0.6 mi). There are tyres around the circuit for protecting the drivers. The go karts used in these tracks are just for fun times, and usually a safer environment than a direct speed track.

What types of go kart engines are there?

The vast majority of go kart engines are either 2-stroke or 4-stroke. Although 4-stroke engines were historically more frequently used due to their higher power (50 HP and 11,000 RPM), nowadays you can also find 2-stroke engines with just as much power being used in big races as well.

The simplest way to determine what type of engine will suit you best is to visit a kart track, pay a fee, and race both types of engines. This will give you a feel for both experiences and set you on the right path for your wants and needs.

What about electric engines?

An increasing niche within the go kart community are electric-powered engines.

On the plus side, they are safer than gas engines, making them suitable for younger children. They decrease the chance of higher speeds and rollovers. They also offer cheaper maintenance due to less mechanical parts. They don't emit fumes during their use, which is good for the environment and for the driver's lungs. And they are also cheaper to buy.

On the other hand, ride time is lower due to battery charge constraints. You can calculate roughly 1 minute of charge time to each minute of riding, so they are less convenient. These electric engines are also less powerful when compared to the go cart gas engines. Finally, due to the lower speeds, some manufacturers build lower quality frames that accept lower performance.

What are the benefits of go karting?

First and foremost, they will help you become a better driver and racer. They are the safest way to learn how to drive and learn the various aspects of racing.

How can I choose the best go kart for my needs?

Nowadays, go karts are specialized vehicles that are offered with (or without) safety features and in several sizes.

The first thing to consider is the age and the size of the primary driver, as well as the degree of training they have. There are beginner karts for kids younger than 10, intermediate karts for pre-teens, and even full-sized go karts for experienced teens and adults.